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139 Dreams {Vongola} Relaxation

  • Genre: Crack
  • Word Count: 198
  • Pairing: Reader, Vongola
  • World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

“Ahhh, this is the life.” You let a content sigh pass your lips as you sprawled out on the fluffy white sofa, arms stretched out above your head. You closed your eyes, enjoying the cold air that came from the air conditioner. The house was completely silent. The TV was off and the lights were out, letting the natural glow from outside shine in through the crack in the curtain. It wasn’t bright, but it was sending enough light into the room where you could see perfectly.

This was the first time you had gotten a moment of peace since you first met Tsuna and his family. It had been a wild, un-ending ride that you were more than thankful to get off of.

Your body was relaxed, the tension completely gone as you finally began to drift off into a quiet, peaceful sleep.


“Ahahaha~ Lambo-san has arrived!”

“Get away from Juudaime, stupid cow!”


“Haha~ Now, Now~”

“No-good-Tsuna! Control your family when you’re in someone else’s house.”

“Ack! Re-Reborn-san!”

“Don’t be mean to Lambo-chan, stupid Gokudera!”

“Haru is right.”

“Ahaha~! Bakadera~!”

“Lambo too loud! Need respect Y/N-san home.”

Damn it.

So much for peaceful quiet relaxation…

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