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πŸ“‚ Heart Beats {Choutarou O.}

Current Status: Ongoing

β˜… Synopsis

You’ve had a crush on your underclassmen since the day you met him but being polar opposites, you never dreamed that you stood a chance with him. One night, you decide to try your luck and wish on a shooting star. This decision starts to turn the wheels of fate and you are invited along with Hyotei to Atobe’s cabin for a winter getaway. Can you claim your beloved or return with a heart of ice?

β˜… Information

Heart Beats is based off a Quizilla contest called “Lights, Camera, Action!” where the participants were given a list of prompts and had to write a fic that flowed like a movie script. I chose Choutarou because he’s adorable and one of my favorite characters in the Tenipuri series. In this series, the reader is a high school student and Choutarou is still in middle school.

β˜… Index

  1. Wish Upon A Star
  2. Denial
  3. Once in a Lifetime _
  4. Winter _
  5. Cabin _
  6. Snow _
  7. Chocolate _
  8. Underwear _
  9. Ax _
  10. I’m so Bad Ass _
  11. Full Moon _
  12. Commitment _
  13. Gun _
  14. Murder _
  15. TV _
  16. Mission. Quest. Thing. _
  17. Slippery When Wet _
  18. Lovers _
  19. I Love You _
  20. Around the Corner _
  21. Always Be There _


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