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Heart Beats {Choutarou} Ch.1 – Wish Upon A Star✶

  • Genre: Slice of Life
  • Word Count: 375
  • Pairing: Reader x Choutarou
  • World: Prince of Tennis

You stared up at the dark ceiling of your bedroom. It was pretty late but you just couldn’t get to sleep. Instead, you lay flat on your back, hands folded behind your head. Your eyes moved to the window, the only source of light in the dark room.

With a sigh, you pushed yourself off the bed, walking over to the window and pushing it open. The cool breeze hit your face instantly, rustling your hair and making you close your eyes in content. The street down below was completely silent other than the rustling of leaves as they danced together in the wind. One would think you’d be able to sleep on such a peaceful night, but that just wasn’t the case.

Your eyes moved to the dark, cloudless sky where the stars shined even brighter than that of a full moon. One stood out among the rest, however. Off to the side sat a rather large diamond-like star, shining brighter than any other. You weren’t sure why, but it seemed almost magical.

Biting your lip, you folded your hands together in front of you and closed your eyes, ‘If you are magical, then please grant me this wish. I wish… I wish I stood a chance with Choutarou. I wish I was good enough for him.’

Your eyes opened slowly and narrowed at your folded hands, a bitter smile on your face. “How childish. As if someone like him would have any interest in a mess like me.”

You shook your head, blaming your foolishness on a lack of sleep as you crawled back into bed. The strings pulling at your heart managed to lull you to sleep where you dreamed of stars and wishes.

Your dream was vivid and it seemed much too real to be a dream.

You were standing in a field in the country, not a single building in sight. The sky was a velvet black and the stars overhead shone through the tall trees with ease, like a guiding light. The ground beneath your feet was covered in several inches of pure white snow and the only sound heard was that of owls hooting happily amongst the trees.

It was the most peaceful dream you had ever had.

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