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Tre Piccole Parole {Hatori S.} In The End

  • Genre: Angst
  • Word Count: 117
  • Pairing: Reader, Hatori
  • World: Fruits Basket

You were madly in love with Hatori Sohma.

You tried your best to get his attention and earn his affection, to let him know how you felt about him, but all of your attempts were in vain.

Hatori just wasn’t ready for a relationship; he was still mourning the death of his beloved and wanted nothing more to do with matters of the heart.

Still, you didn’t give up. “Hatori, I… I lo – ”

“Please don’t, Y/N.” He sighed, resting his hand over his face.

“I just wanted to – ”

“I don’t feel the same. I’m sorry,”

You frowned as you left his office with a heavy heart, “I guess… in the end I never stood a chance.”

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