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Sorting Hat {ℌogwarts} Got7


This little shit is the perfect fit for Slytherin, despite being a half-blood. He is one of the few non-purebloods to be accepted into the house, and he proves he belongs there with his savage remarks and his desire to be the best. Though he doesn’t attack other houses, he doesn’t go out of his way to be friendly with them, either. He would excel in DADA and with hexes, and he wouldn’t be afraid to boast about it.

His first encounter with the golden trio was when he got into an altercation with the Weasley twins over who was better at pranks. Ron tried to break it up only to end up being the subject of their prank war.


Jackson’s most redeeming quality is his bravery. He isn’t afraid to chase after what he wants in life and will fight anyone that gets in his way. He’s also very loyal and will go to the ends of the Earth for his family and friends. This trait often gets him into trouble, however, and makes him quite reckless, finding himself in detention more than he should. He hates to sit still, so he’s constantly running around doing something, most of which break the rules.

His first encounter with the golden trio was meeting Harry during Quidditch practice. He gave the young boy tips and tricks on how to best avoid the other players. They often practice together.


JB’s quiet nature and intelligence make him a good fit for Ravenclaw. He doesn’t mind adventure, but he would much rather be doing something he loves. He’s mature beyond his years and people often come to him for advice, which he happily gives because he likes to help people out. He enjoys the peaceful nature that his house offers him, along with the fact that his housemates think about things logically before acting rather than rushing into situations blinded.

His first encounter with the golden trio came when he found Bambam pulling a prank on Ron, to which he promptly scolded him and apologized to the boy. Most of his school life was then spent stopping the twins and Bambam from burning down the school.


Everything about Jinyoung screams Gryffindor. He’s so protective over those that he loves, making sure they are safe and healthy, but he’s also a stickler for the rules. He is the last person you want to talk to if you’re planning on doing something you shouldn’t! If you ask him for help, however, he will gladly do whatever he can to help you out. His bravery and tenacity knows no bounds and his loyalty is unmatched.

His first encounter with the golden trio was when McGonagall asked him to help Ron and Harry get their grades up. Being a year above them, he was happy to help out his underclassmen, but he soon learned that trouble was often attracted to them.


Mark has the duality and the personality to thrive in any house, but I feel like he would best fit into Hufflepuff because he can relax there without feeling too much pressure to live up to a certain aspect or role. He’s very hard working and loyal, the main values of a true Hufflepuff. Blood status is meaningless to him, and so is being in different houses. He doesn’t care what house he is in, he’s there to learn and become a strong wizard.

His first encounter with the golden trio was through Jackson, who always made Mark come along to watch Quidditch practice. He tries to avoid the three because of how much trouble they find themselves in, but having a best friend like Jackson makes it difficult.


Youngjae can be a bit shy, especially since he was raised as a normal kid. The world of magic is new to him, but he is a quick learner and wants to retain as much knowledge as possible about the history of magic. Being in Ravenclaw helps him to achieve this goal because most of those around him are full of knowledge they want to share.

His first encounter with the golden trio was through Hermione. He knew she was also muggle born, and she had much more knowledge than he did, so he actively sought her out, wanting to befriend her.


This boy fits on the cusp of both Gryffindor and Slytherin and would fit into either house. Even his family was torn, all of them being either a Slytherin or a Gryffindor. Yugyeom can be savage and bratty when he wants to be, but his kind heart outweighs that savagery, making him more of a fit for Gryffindor. His greatest strength is that he embraces his fear and overcomes it, making his bravery a true asset to the house.

His first encounter with the golden trio came in his second year when he was late for the train. Thankfully, Ron and Harry also missed the train thanks to Dobby sealing the portal. Being with the two is the only reason he was able to make it into school without being expelled.

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