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About the Site

Here on Tiger’s Book of Fanfiction, you can find reader x character fanfictions from various fandoms, most notably anime and kpop. This site was created on 11-25-18 and is acting as an online archive for my writing.

About the Author

Hey, my name is AnnoyingTiger888 but you can call me Tiger. I’ve been writing since around 2005 and started my fanfiction journey on a magical site called Quizilla where I participated in many challenges and contests. I felt at home on this site, but then the unthinkable happened – it shut down and the site was deleted. Since then, I’ve been hopping around from place to place across the web trying to find a new home, a place I enjoy posting my writing.

I tried using Fanfiction.net, but songfics are not allowed and neither is reader insert, so I left the site. I tried Wattpad, but I don’t like the writing system. I tried Tumblr, which I did start to enjoy, but the site is so toxic I ended up leaving. I recently joined Archive of Our Own, but I’m not sure if I like it – it seems decent, and I may also post there. I also tried Livejournal, but I didn’t like the fact that you can’t add categories, only tags. So, here we are!

My dream has always been to become a published author, but I have a lot of trouble writing original content. Unless the characters and worlds already exist, I struggle greatly with writing, so I’ve settled into the fanfiction community instead.