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25 Christmas Wishes {Sesshomaru} Present

Genre: Fluff, AU Word Count: 861 Pairing: Reader x Sesshomaru World: Inuyasha Ever since you were a small child, you had always loved cats. You thought they were adorable and fascinating to watch, and you've always wanted to have one of your own. Sadly, both of your parents were allergic to cats and worried that… Continue reading 25 Christmas Wishes {Sesshomaru} Present

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25 Christmas Wishes {Atobe} Lights

Genre: Fluff, Comedy Word Count: 518 Pairing: Reader x Atobe World: Prince of Tennis "This is ridiculous," Atobe scowled, throwing down the bundle of Christmas lights. He had been fighting to untangle them for the past twenty minutes. It had been going well at first and he felt confident that he could achieve it -… Continue reading 25 Christmas Wishes {Atobe} Lights

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25 Christmas Wishes {Inuyasha} Scarf

Genre: Fluff Word Count: 651 Pairing: Reader x Inuyasha World: Inuyasha Your fingers ran over the soft yarn that made up the scarf. You had been crocheting it for a better part of the year and you were proud of the way it had come out, especially since it was your first creation. You had… Continue reading 25 Christmas Wishes {Inuyasha} Scarf

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139 Dreams {Eyeshield 21} Rain

Genre: Angst Word Count: 1,237 Pairing: None World: Eyeshield 21 It was amazing, the final battle between the Ojou White Knights and the Deimon Devil Bats in the Semi-Finals of the Kantou Tournament… it was heart-wrenching. Everyone from both teams were giving it their all as if it really was the last game they’d ever… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Eyeshield 21} Rain

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139 Dreams {Tsuna & Kotaro ₁/₂} Useless

Genre: Crack, Friendship, Crossover Word Count: 1,365 Pairing: Reader, Tsuna, Koutarou World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Eyeshield 21 “Are we there yet?” You groaned, dragging your feet across the pavement. Tsuna sighed, glancing at you. “No, not yet.” “How long have we been walkin’ anyway?” You questioned, hiking up your book bag before it could… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Tsuna & Kotaro ₁/₂} Useless

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In WAR✘ and LOVE ♥ {Isane} Homosexual

Genre: Suggestive Word Count: 403 Pairing: Female Reader x Isane World: Bleach You weren’t sure how it happened but several captains and lieutenants from Soul Society had come to the world of the living on ‘vacation’. Ichigo ended up being involved, which resulted in you being involved. Really, you found it to be quite annoying… Continue reading In WAR✘ and LOVE ♥ {Isane} Homosexual

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139 Dreams {Sakuraba} Unexpected

Genre: Friendship, Crack Word Count: 890 Pairing: Reader, Sakuraba World: Eyeshield 21 Haruto Sakuraba. A pretty boy pop idol working for an advertising company and playing football for the Ojou White Knights. Constantly being hunted down by reporters and rabid fangirls. Bearing the weight of being Ojou’s Ace, when he clearly was not (despite having tried… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Sakuraba} Unexpected

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139 Dreams {Hibari} Official

Genre: Fluff Word Count: 712 Pairing: Reader x Hibari World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn There were rumors floating around Namimori Chuu, all of which surrounded two students; you and Hibari Kyoya. The rumors stated that the two of you were secretly going out and even had some fun time in the reception room after school. Of course, with… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Hibari} Official

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Always {Kuroro Lucifer} : Ch.3

Genre: Angst Word Count: 1,219 Pairing: Reader x Kuroro Lucifer World: Hunter x Hunter Prompt: “I hate your big, dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind.” Your eyes fluttered open and your ears registered the sound of someone shuffling around the room. You could hear clothes being folded and placed into a… Continue reading Always {Kuroro Lucifer} : Ch.3

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Heart Beats {Choutarou} Ch.2 – Denial✶

Genre: Slice of Life Word Count: 573 Pairing: Reader x Choutarou World: Prince of Tennis You sat at a local cafe with An and Kamio. The pair was chatting away without a care in the world, but none of the words they spoke reached you. Your mind was still focused on the events that took… Continue reading Heart Beats {Choutarou} Ch.2 – Denial✶