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Hero {Dreamies}

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Friendship Word Count: 2,041 Pairing: Reader, Dreamies World: NCT Dream Youโ€™ve been working for SM Entertainment for the past five years and you absolutely hated it. Having friends that worked at other companies made you realize early on that SM was a horrible company to work for. All they cared about was… Continue reading Hero {Dreamies}

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Children {Sehun}

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Angst, Crossover Word Count: 3,823 Pairing: Reader x Sehun World: EXO, Seventeen Music was playing through the studio as the members of Seventeen relaxed, dancing like maniacs to the pop music pumping through the speakers. Woozi, as usual, was absent, huddled in his own little space with his laptop as he worked… Continue reading Children {Sehun}

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Poisoned {Woozi}

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, AU, High School AU, Crossover Word Count: 3,632 Pairing: Reader x Woozi World: GOT7, Seventeen, Topp Dogg/Xeno-T Prompt:ย โ€œOh, this has got to be the most disgusting thing ever - here, taste it!โ€ You sat in the back of your Home Economics class, watching the pair in front of you with pure amazement.… Continue reading Poisoned {Woozi}

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Who’s Better? {A! Skull}

Genre: Comedy, Fluff Word Count: 1,486 Pairing: Reader x Adult Skull World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn โ–ธAct 1 Anyone who knew Reborn and Colonello for more than a couple days knew about their rivalry. They were friends and allies, but still continuously fought about who was the better of the two. Naturally, the men brought other… Continue reading Who’s Better? {A! Skull}