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139 Dreams {Jake Webber} Reckless

Genre: Angst, Supernatural AU, Fluff Word Count: 2,564 Pairing: Reader x Jake World: YouTube Dating a YouTuber came with its own set of hardships, but that list was nearly tripped when you dated a reckless one. Jake Webber was the embodiment of reckless - he never considered consequences, he just wanted to live for the… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Jake Webber} Reckless

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139 Dreams {Daehyun} Intentions

Genre: Angst, Supernatural AU, Fluff Word Count: 1,761 Pairing: Reader x Daehyun World: B.A.P You never believed in love. It was never part of your world, ripped from you at a young age. You were a hunter, a soldier against the in-human creatures inhabiting the world. You lived a cursed life, one that saw more… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Daehyun} Intentions

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Gold Cup {Jeno}

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Sports, AU, High School AU Word Count: 2,938 Pairing: Athletic! Reader x Jeno World: NCT, Super Junior, F(x), Nu’est Okay so, I feel like I should apologize because I don’t think this turned out quite how you wanted it to… In my defense, I am trash for sports anime and I was… Continue reading Gold Cup {Jeno}

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Blue Skies {Woozi}

Genre: Fantasy, Crack, Fluff, Crossover Word Count: 2,598 Pairing: Reader x Jihoon World: Seventeen, NCT Prompt: “I’m too pale for this.” Okay so, this was requested four score and seven years ago by the lovely prettywordsyouleft . It was heavily inspired by a story she told me as well as that one episode of Bleach where they… Continue reading Blue Skies {Woozi}

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25 Christmas Wishes {Jeno} Mistletoe

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, AU Word Count: 651 Pairing: Reader x Jeno World: NCT You glanced at the clock before back to your computer. The essay you were writing was nearly complete and you wanted to knock it out, but doing so meant you'd be late for your club meeting. Being part of the anime club… Continue reading 25 Christmas Wishes {Jeno} Mistletoe

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Of Video Games & Relationships {Jaemin}

Genre: Fluff Word Count: 1,196 Pairing: Reader x Jaemin World: NCT Dream Prompt: “You make me so mad right now, you know that?” This is a collab piece with prettywordsyouleft - basically, we were both given the same prompt by this-song-thats-only-for-you and we each wrote our own piece using that prompt without telling each other about the plot or characters.… Continue reading Of Video Games & Relationships {Jaemin}

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25 Christmas Wishes {Mark Lee} Tree

Genre: Fluff Word Count: 569 Pairing: Reader x Mark World: NCT "Baby, wake up~" A groan of displeasure left your lips as a pair of hands shook your body, forcefully dragging you from the lovely dream you were having. Eyes fluttering open, you squinted at the darkness that filled the room. Glancing over, you saw… Continue reading 25 Christmas Wishes {Mark Lee} Tree

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139 Dreams {Hibari} Official

Genre: Fluff Word Count: 712 Pairing: Reader x Hibari World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn There were rumors floating around Namimori Chuu, all of which surrounded two students; you and Hibari Kyoya. The rumors stated that the two of you were secretly going out and even had some fun time in the reception room after school. Of course, with… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Hibari} Official

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25 Christmas Wishes {Alfred Jones} Eggnog

Genre: Fluff Word Count: 388 Pairing: Reader x America/Alfred Jones World: Axis Powers Hetalia You heard him long before you saw him, the sound of chattering teeth and childish whines reaching your ears. Alfred rushed into your home, his body shaking as he held himself tightly, hands firmly under his armpits in search of warmth.… Continue reading 25 Christmas Wishes {Alfred Jones} Eggnog

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Considerate {Woozi}

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, AU, Vampire AU, Suggestive Word Count: 2,288 Pairing: Reader x Woozi World: Seventeen Prompt: “Can you move your coffin? It’s not very considerate of you just to leave it here! This is a high traffic area in the house!” from this prompt list. You had always been fascinated with the supernatural, always dreaming of… Continue reading Considerate {Woozi}