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Sorting Hat {ℌogwarts} Got7

This little shit is the perfect fit for Slytherin, despite being a half-blood. He is one of the few non-purebloods to be accepted into the house, and he proves he belongs there with his savage remarks and his desire to be the best. Though he doesn’t attack other houses, he doesn’t go out of his… Continue reading Sorting Hat {ℌogwarts} Got7

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Sorting Hat {ℌogwarts} NCT Dream

Although Chenle often acts quite childish, I believe he is quite mature deep down and has a good understanding of the world he lives in. Thanks to the way he was raised, surrounded by love and family, he’s very accepting and loving towards others, even those he doesn’t know, and he isn’t afraid to show… Continue reading Sorting Hat {ℌogwarts} NCT Dream