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25 Christmas Wishes {Jaehyun} Fireplace

Genre: Fluff, Suggestive Word Count: 442 Pairing: Reader x Jaehyun World: NCT You woke up freezing cold, your body shaking despite being under the comforter. When you went to sleep that night, your apartment had been warm and toasty thanks to the heater, so why did it feel like an ice palace? Bringing the comforter… Continue reading 25 Christmas Wishes {Jaehyun} Fireplace

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Fired {Doyoung}

Genre: Angst, Suggestive Word Count: 2,076 Pairing: Reader x Doyoung World: NCT Prompt: Coffee and Ice Cream The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, wafting to your nose. Your eyes slowly peeled open, automatically jumping to the clock on the nightstand. Seeing the bright red 10:30 nearly made you panic, but then you… Continue reading Fired {Doyoung}

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In WAR✘ and LOVE ♥ {Isane} Homosexual

Genre: Suggestive Word Count: 403 Pairing: Female Reader x Isane World: Bleach You weren’t sure how it happened but several captains and lieutenants from Soul Society had come to the world of the living on ‘vacation’. Ichigo ended up being involved, which resulted in you being involved. Really, you found it to be quite annoying… Continue reading In WAR✘ and LOVE ♥ {Isane} Homosexual

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Considerate {Woozi}

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, AU, Vampire AU, Suggestive Word Count: 2,288 Pairing: Reader x Woozi World: Seventeen Prompt: “Can you move your coffin? It’s not very considerate of you just to leave it here! This is a high traffic area in the house!” from this prompt list. You had always been fascinated with the supernatural, always dreaming of… Continue reading Considerate {Woozi}