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Always {Kuroro Lucifer}

You struggle to come to terms with your mentally abusive relationship with Kuroro and the broken friendships it has caused, but you soon learn that not everything is as it seems.

Heart Beats {Choutarou Ootori}

After making a wish on a shooting star, you find yourself being invited to Atobe’s cabin for a winter trip with the rest of Hyotei. In the peaceful forest, you find yourself having to face the feelings you have for your underclassman. Being complete opposites in every way, you wonder if you even stand a chance, but you decide that it’s now or never.

Moving Metal {Acceleracers}

You joined the Metal Maniacs after losing your father to suicide and finding that you had no direction in life. You quickly found a home with them and were soon racing at their side, proudly wearing the emblem of the Maniacs. One day, a mysterious floating robot appears asking for help to stop the drones from getting the wheel of power. This occurence thrusts you into an insane world of drones and accelechargers. Meanwhile, your past starts to resurface as you learn things about your father that you never could have imagined.