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25 Christmas Wishes {Alfred Jones} Eggnog

Genre: Fluff Word Count: 388 Pairing: Reader x America/Alfred Jones World: Axis Powers Hetalia You heard him long before you saw him, the sound of chattering teeth and childish whines reaching your ears. Alfred rushed into your home, his body shaking as he held himself tightly, hands firmly under his armpits in search of warmth.… Continue reading 25 Christmas Wishes {Alfred Jones} Eggnog

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139 Dreams {America/Alfred} Apples

Genre: Crack Word Count: 315 Pairing: Reader, Alfred World: Hetalia Alfred called your name, rushing over and jumping onto your back. You let out an oomph from the sudden impact, your hands automatically reaching behind to grip the male’s legs. “What’s up, Ally?” “Come to the store with me?” He requested, his arms wrapped tight around your… Continue reading 139 Dreams {America/Alfred} Apples