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In WAR✘ and LOVE ♥ {Isane} Homosexual

Genre: Suggestive Word Count: 403 Pairing: Female Reader x Isane World: Bleach You weren’t sure how it happened but several captains and lieutenants from Soul Society had come to the world of the living on ‘vacation’. Ichigo ended up being involved, which resulted in you being involved. Really, you found it to be quite annoying… Continue reading In WAR✘ and LOVE ♥ {Isane} Homosexual

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Breach in Trust {Aizen S.}

Genre: Angst, Fluff Word Count: 2,126 Pairing: Reader x Aizen World: Bleach In every relationship, there is doubt and jealousy. Even the strongest relationships encounter these problems. It doesn’t matter how much you trust and love your partner, the worry and the fear that they are cheating on you is still there. You can lie… Continue reading Breach in Trust {Aizen S.}