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In WAR✘ and LOVE ♥ {Isane} Homosexual

Genre: Suggestive Word Count: 403 Pairing: Female Reader x Isane World: Bleach You weren’t sure how it happened but several captains and lieutenants from Soul Society had come to the world of the living on ‘vacation’. Ichigo ended up being involved, which resulted in you being involved. Really, you found it to be quite annoying… Continue reading In WAR✘ and LOVE ♥ {Isane} Homosexual

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📂 In WAR✘ & LOVE♥

Current Status: Ongoing ★ Information In WAR✘ & LOVE ♥ comes from Quizilla, originally a challenge/contest called “Love and Other Disasters”. This set follows the ups and downs of relationships as it explores the endless possibilities that love brings. ★ Index Homosexual _ Isane, Bleach (suggestive) Jealousy _ Hitsugaya, Bleach (fluff, au) Stalker _ Dan, Prince of Tennis… Continue reading 📂 In WAR✘ & LOVE♥