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139 Dreams {Taeil} Ominous

Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life Word Count: 2,015 Pairing: Reader x Taeil World: NCT You pulled into the parking garage next to the SM building, stifling a yawn. It was nearing midnight and you were exhausted from a long day at work. You texted your boyfriend, letting him know that you were waiting in the… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Taeil} Ominous

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139 Dreams {Haechan} Sports

Genre: Fluff, High School AU, Sports, Friendship Word Count: 1,949 Pairing: Reader x Haechan World: NCT Dream When you first entered high school, you told yourself that you would keep a low profile and live out your high school career in peace. For the year, it went as you had planned, but it didnโ€™t last… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Haechan} Sports

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Gold Cup {Jeno}

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Sports, AU, High School AU Word Count: 2,938 Pairing: Athletic! Reader x Jeno World: NCT, Super Junior, F(x), Nuโ€™est Okay so, I feel like I should apologize because I donโ€™t think this turned out quite how you wanted it toโ€ฆ In my defense, I am trash for sports anime and I was… Continue reading Gold Cup {Jeno}

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25 Christmas Wishes {Mark Lee} Tree

Genre: Fluff Word Count: 569 Pairing: Reader x Mark World: NCT "Baby, wake up~" A groan of displeasure left your lips as a pair of hands shook your body, forcefully dragging you from the lovely dream you were having. Eyes fluttering open, you squinted at the darkness that filled the room. Glancing over, you saw… Continue reading 25 Christmas Wishes {Mark Lee} Tree