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139 Dreams {Hoshi} Ethereal

Genre: Fluff, Fantasy, AU Word Count: 1,969 Pairing: Reader x Soonyoung World: Seventeen If you’re an anime fan, or even not, I’m sure you’ve at least HEARD of Studio Ghibli, which is the very best movie company EVER. This fic takes inspiration heavily from Howl’s Moving Castle, a gift for prettywordsyouleft ! If you squint, you can see… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Hoshi} Ethereal

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139 Dreams {Hoshi} Essential

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Friendship Word Count: 2,095 Pairing: Reader x Hoshi/Soonyoung World: Seventeen Your birthday was just around the corner, but instead of feeling excited you were feeling worried. Your boyfriend, Soonyoung, was an absolute gem, there was no doubt about that. Talented, confident, hard-working and the sweetest little cinnamon roll you had ever met.… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Hoshi} Essential