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139 Dreams {Hoshi} Ethereal

Genre: Fluff, Fantasy, AU Word Count: 1,969 Pairing: Reader x Soonyoung World: Seventeen If you’re an anime fan, or even not, I’m sure you’ve at least HEARD of Studio Ghibli, which is the very best movie company EVER. This fic takes inspiration heavily from Howl’s Moving Castle, a gift for prettywordsyouleft ! If you squint, you can see… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Hoshi} Ethereal

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139 Dreams {Vernon} Remorse

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst Word Count: 1,459 Pairing: Reader x Virgin! Vernon World: Seventeen WARNING: This fic contains sexual intercourse and is not suitable for those under the age of 18. So this idea came to mind when I was talking about kinks with a very good friend of mine (won’t say her name just… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Vernon} Remorse

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Blue Skies {Woozi}

Genre: Fantasy, Crack, Fluff, Crossover Word Count: 2,598 Pairing: Reader x Jihoon World: Seventeen, NCT Prompt: “I’m too pale for this.” Okay so, this was requested four score and seven years ago by the lovely prettywordsyouleft . It was heavily inspired by a story she told me as well as that one episode of Bleach where they… Continue reading Blue Skies {Woozi}

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Considerate {Woozi}

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, AU, Vampire AU, Suggestive Word Count: 2,288 Pairing: Reader x Woozi World: Seventeen Prompt: “Can you move your coffin? It’s not very considerate of you just to leave it here! This is a high traffic area in the house!” from this prompt list. You had always been fascinated with the supernatural, always dreaming of… Continue reading Considerate {Woozi}

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139 Dreams {Hoshi} Essential

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Friendship Word Count: 2,095 Pairing: Reader x Hoshi/Soonyoung World: Seventeen Your birthday was just around the corner, but instead of feeling excited you were feeling worried. Your boyfriend, Soonyoung, was an absolute gem, there was no doubt about that. Talented, confident, hard-working and the sweetest little cinnamon roll you had ever met.… Continue reading 139 Dreams {Hoshi} Essential

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Children {Sehun}

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Angst, Crossover Word Count: 3,823 Pairing: Reader x Sehun World: EXO, Seventeen Music was playing through the studio as the members of Seventeen relaxed, dancing like maniacs to the pop music pumping through the speakers. Woozi, as usual, was absent, huddled in his own little space with his laptop as he worked… Continue reading Children {Sehun}

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Poisoned {Woozi}

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, AU, High School AU, Crossover Word Count: 3,632 Pairing: Reader x Woozi World: GOT7, Seventeen, Topp Dogg/Xeno-T Prompt: “Oh, this has got to be the most disgusting thing ever - here, taste it!” You sat in the back of your Home Economics class, watching the pair in front of you with pure amazement.… Continue reading Poisoned {Woozi}