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★ Who do you write for?

There’s a wide variety of people and characters I’m willing to write for – there’s far too many to name, but you can get a good indication by looking at who I’ve written for in the past. I focus mainly on Anime and Kpop.

★ I saw [name] on a different site. Are you a thief?

I’m sure you have since I’ve posted my shit on several different sites over the years. I’ve bounced around trying to find a place that I enjoy posting on. Some of these sites are Fanfiction, Tumblr, and Wattpad.

★ What type of writing do you use/What length do you write?

I write until I feel the piece is finished, meaning it could end up being a hundred words or a thousand. I seem to find most of my works falling into the ficlet range or one shot range.

★ What’s the difference between a set and a series?

A set is several fics following the same or a similar theme but the character is different in each one and the fics don’t actually connect with one another. A series is similar, as it’s several fics but they follow a single plotline and revolve around one single character.

★ What are drabbles/ficlets/one-shots, etc.?

The length for each of these varies from one person to the next, but this is how I view them; Drabbles are 499 words or less, a ficlet is 500 to 800 words, and a one-shot is 801+ words. There’s no set word limit for a songfic.

★ What POV do you write for?

Although I’ve experimented with all three, I prefer to write in the second person (for example, “You went to the store,”). When I use this POV, I do my best to keep the reader as neutral as possible, not describing their features so anyone can enjoy the content. However, since I am female, several pieces of my writing leans more towards a female reader.

★ I don’t think you wrote [Name] in character.

The thing is, everyone perceives things differently and I write the characters as I see them, how I think they would act in different situations. I used to believe strongly in keeping them “in character”, but I’ve grown to realize that people change and adapt to situations so I change the characters to reflect that.

★ I don’t like your writing. You suck.

That’s great, thanks for letting me know =D If you hate it so much, why are you wasting your time reading them? lol

★ Do you write for underage characters?

This is a bit tricky, so I’ll do my best to explain. I will write for any character, but if the real-life person is underage (such as a kpop idol), I won’t write smut for them until they are of age in the US (eighteen). However, if it’s a teenager in an anime (such as Tsuna Sawada from KHR), I will write smut for them. There’s an exception to this – if I write them in a time skip, such as Adult-Idol, then I may write smut for them. 

★ Do you take requests? If so, how do I request?

Since I’ve just started this blog, I have a lot of writing waiting to be uploaded (several hundred if not more) so I won’t be opening requests at this time. Once I get the archive down a bit, I may open requests. I’m always open for suggestions, though!

★ Do you write triggering content? If so, is it labeled?

I write a lot about my own personal experiences in life and the things I felt/are feeling, so the answer is yes. I write about depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal attempts often, but it’s not in every fic. I will always include warnings for things like the above if I deem it to be triggering. However, if I were to have a warning for everything that triggers people these days, every single fic would have a trigger warning.

★ What is your favorite/most used genre?

I find myself writing angst and fluff mostly, but my favorite genres are probably fluff and comedy.

★ Will you write about Character x Character?

While I have in the past, I rarely do it these days. If you came here for that, you’re in the wrong place, sorry~