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Sorting Hat {ℌogwarts} NCT Dream


Although Chenle often acts quite childish, I believe he is quite mature deep down and has a good understanding of the world he lives in. Thanks to the way he was raised, surrounded by love and family, he’s very accepting and loving towards others, even those he doesn’t know, and he isn’t afraid to show it. This boy encompasses everything that makes a true Gryffindor.

His first encounter with the golden trio was through Neville, who he became close with during his first year. He was the one that helped Neville find the Gillyweed for Harry during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. He and Neville often spend time talking about Herbology.


Haechan is the type of person that can easily manipulate the emotions of others without much effort. I should note that he rarely uses this skill, and when he does it’s usually for small things such as convincing his classmates to share their notes or help him with a potion. He can be quite savage at times, especially when it comes to something he feels strongly about, making him a perfect fit for the Slytherin house.

His first encounter with the golden trio was in his second year when he found Ron being bullied by a few other Slytherins. Using his manipulation techniques, he convinced the pair to leave him be while still maintaining his image and status. After that, he decided to ‘protect’ Ron by constantly teasing him in a playful manner.


Jaemin is very intelligent and clearly understands how the world functions. He’s intuitive and empathetic, preferring to look for solutions to problems rather than diving in head first and hoping for the best. Though his life does not revolve around studying, he does enjoy it as it’s a form of stress relief for him. His wit comes into play more in life situations rather than on parchment and his reserved nature makes him enjoy the peace offered by Ravenclaw.

His first encounter with the golden trio came when Hermione was doing research about the chamber of secrets and what lies within. Intrigued, Jaemin convinced her to let him help. Unfortunately, he too suffered at the hands of the basilisk. They are often seen studying together as they enjoy the intellectual conversation and the quiet atmosphere.


For Jeno, I feel like he could honestly fit into any house as he has at least one solid trait relating to each one that would help him thrive no matter where he was placed. He adapts well to situations and acts accordingly. Ultimately, though, Jeno would be placed into Gryffindor because of his desire to protect those that he loves – and because he loves the Lion King and wants to join the lion house.

His first encounter with the golden trio would come because he actively seeks out muggle borns and half-bloods. Growing up as a normal child, he can relate to them the most and seeks comfort from those that can understand him. He’s always wanted to talk to Hermione but didn’t find the chance until he overheard a few Slytherins calling her a mudblood. He defended her and called her amazing.


This shy little bean thrives in Hufflepuff, away from both the spotlight and the pressure that the other houses often face. His hard-working attitude is well received by his fellow housemates and his open-minded personality is a warm welcome towards the other houses. Although he would rarely ever approach people from a different house, he has no ill will towards them.

His first encounter with the golden trio was with Harry during one of Umbridge’s infamous detentions. Jisung approached Harry, letting him know that his parents believed the boy and that he had the full support of Jisung’s family. Umbridge overheard and was not happy, giving them both detention. Harry appreciated the act more than he let on.


Mark is a hardworking and patient boy that always puts the needs of others above his own. He would thrive the best in Hufflepuff, surrounded by those that believe in hard work and kindness. This boy is so pure and innocent, refusing to discriminate against other students over their blood status or house. Not even the Slytherins are able to hate him – though they do try.

His first encounter with the golden trio was through Hermione. He happened to see her struggling to carry all her books from the library and immediately helped her out by dividing the stack, which she was very grateful for. Since then, Ron and Harry often rely on him for help with various tasks, despite Hermione’s scolding for doing so.


Renjun looks like a sweet and innocent cinnamon roll, but don’t let his angelic appearance fool you. This boy can slip into savage mode within .2 seconds, bringing down anyone that challenges him with wit and snarky remarks. Couple this with his desire to be the best version of himself that he can be and he’s a perfect match for sly Slytherin. Don’t misunderstand, though, Renjun is far from cruel, and treats others with respect until they cross him or his friends.

His first encounter with the golden trio came before his first year when he ran into the Weasleys in Diagon Alley. His father had been in the same house as Molly and they had remained friends through the years. Ron came to dislike him as soon as he learned that he had been sorted into Slytherin, but after Renjun taught him a helium hex to use on Malfoy, he soon came to accept him.

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